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Upper class – part 1 

It’s a sunny day. There are less and less sunny days. A vehicle flies past my window, a nice one. I don’t always find them nice. Most of the time I can’t see the ground. It’s too cloudy. Today it’s OK. 

We learn at school that women started a revolution against the reign of men once. Now there are no men here. Reproduction is artificial and results in female babies only. 
Down below there are men, but it’s dangerous there. It’s unhealthy, unsafe, criminal, illegal, you’re on your own. 

I’ve been there, with a man. It was exciting. Now I’m pregnant with his child. I know I carry a boy. I’m happy about that, but I will have to leave this place before they expose me. There’s a punishment for this, it is considered a crime. 

I have no idea what to take with me, what will be of use. There are a few women on terrain level, but it’s almost impossible to speak with them. 

© 2017, December 12