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Photographs, they are a snapshot of time and space
Like in my favourite scene from the Blade Runner by Ridley Scott. 
It is the scene in which Deckard, the character played by Harrison Ford, inserts a photograph into a computer which is able to read it. Deckard is chasing androids and thinks one of them has been to a certain place. He searches for traces. 

The ‘reading’ results in witnessing the moment the photograph was taken; Deckard can search the space depicted, because the moment, time, is also captured in the snapshot. ‘Reading’ the photograph means being able to extend the two dimensions it consists of. The computer can unfold the two dimensions of a picture, thus adding the third and the fourth dimension to the image. 
Deckard succeeds in finding a trace that leads him to the android he is chasing because he can ‘walk’ through the place and see things that were originally not shown in the image. 

This idea never let me go again. I can’t look at a photograph or an audiovisual recording without being aware of the content of time and space caught forever. 

© 2016, July 22